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Appetizer around Emmental Grand Cru

4 servings
40 min
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Appetizer around Emmental Grand Cru


Chips :

    50 g grated Emmental Grand Cru 
    Fleur de sel

The toffee apple

    80 g Emmental Grand Cru 
    80 g caster sugar
    Sesame seeds

Stuffed apricots:

    12 dried apricots
    20 g Emmental Grand Cru 
    2 slices of raw ham


  • The chips
    - Place a sheet of greaseproof papier on a baking sheet.
    - Preheat oven to 200 ° C.
    - Place small piles of grated cheese about 4-5 cm in diameter.
    - Cook for 10 minutes. Remove from oven, salt and pepper.
    - Repeat until end.
  • The toffee apple sticks
    - Cut the Emmental into sticks.
    - Melt the caramel sugar.
    - Coat the sticks on 1 or 2 cm with caramel.
    - Dip in sesame seeds. Do not drop the sticks in the caramel at the risk of seeing the cheese melt.
  • Stuffed apricots
    Cut the apricots in half.
    Add a piece of cheese and a little ham.
    Serve with pic.


Montagnon Raw Milk Emmental

Authenticity and tradition

Grand Cru Red Label Emmental

A raw milk traditional production for a hole cheese with formerly flavors.

Ermitage Emmental

Have you already tasted Emmental Ermitage?

Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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