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Munster egg cake

for 12 eggs
15 min
15 min
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Munster egg cake


For pastry

1 pot of yoghurt (125g)
3 pots of flour

½ pot of oil
1 packet of baking powder
3 eggs
100 g of munster Ermitage
Salt peppe

For shells:
12 eggs
1 liter of water with 100 g of coarse salt


Preparation of shells    
Using a pin, pierce the bottom of the 12 eggs to form a circle. Break the shell here and form a 1-1.5 cm wide hole.
Evacuate white and yellow.      
Wash the shells in hot water.     
Immerse the shells completely in salted water and soak for 30 minutes. Place a small plate to make a weight.      
Place the shells, the opening down on absorbent paper and let dry.


Preparation of cakes

 Pour the yoghurt into a bowl and clean the pot to measure the other ingredients.
Add eggs and mix.
 Add the flour and the yeast. Salt, pepper. Whisk.
 Finish with olive oil. Mix and taste to correct the seasoning.
Pour the dough into a blender and add the diced munster. Mix the mixture.
Oil the inside of the shells, remove the excess and pour the cake dough halfway up.
Place the shells in small muffin cups to keep them upright.
Preheat your oven to 180 ° C and bake for about 15 minutes.
Let cool before serving.



A smooth paste and an orange crust which crossed the centuries without losing its personality.

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