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Potato cappuccino Munster

4 servings
5 min
30 min
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Potato cappuccino Munster


• 200 g Munster
• 120 g liquid cream
• 250 g potatoes
• 1 medium minced onion
• coarse salt
• 100ml of semi-skimmed milk
• fine salt and pepper
• 1 coffee spoon of ground cumin


Chantilly Munster: Melt 100g of Munster peeled and cut into pieces with the cream and stir with a whisk. Mix well and pour into a bomb whipped. Reserve the latter at room temperature.

Peel the potatoes, cook in coarse salt with onion in boiling water 20 to 30 minutes. Drain and pass through a food mill. Melt 100g of Munster in pieces with warm milk. Mix the puree to the sauce right consistency (smooth and supple puree). Season.

Divide mashed Munster in 4 cups and top with whipped Munster, sprinkled with cumin.
Serve it as an appetizer or after a meal to replace a cheese platter...



A smooth paste and an orange crust which crossed the centuries without losing its personality.

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