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Recycling Green Dot information


Sorting waste  is a simple  action for us, for you for everyone !

The green dot on our packaging does not mean that they are collected to be recycled  but it means that our cooperative is a member and  financially contributes to  the French national  packaging  recovery  company  “Eco-Emballages”.

Besides the recycling green dot , you can find below the recycling information  for every part of our packaging to know what can be recycled or thrown away.

Follow the logo “Triman”  which can tell you which packaging can be subject to waste sorting recommendations. It came from the Grenelle Environment Forum.


To help you to sort , you can find below  for our products Ermitage or Le Montagnon:

 All packaging had to be discarded except for:





CAMEMBERT ROYAL Caseback cardboard to recycle
FROMAGE POUR TARTIFLETTE Caseback cardboard to recycle
FROM 'CHAUD Case cardboard to recycle
LE BON DORMOIS Cardboard box cardboard to recycle
LE ROUSSOT Cardboard box cardboard to recycle
MARCAIRE Caseback cardboard to recycle
MUNSTER ERMITAGE Caseback cardboard to recycle
WINZERKASE Cardboard box cardboard to recycle


Think about sorting your waste



Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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