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Our Medals and Certifications


Top-quality milk from cows grazing in unspoiled countryside, cheese-making skills handed down through the generations, the pride in a job well done and consistency of quality every year bring the Fromagerie de l’Ermitage a number of prizes and medals of excellence.

Reaching the top is great, but it’s even better when you stay there. This is what specialists and consumers have been saying for years about Ermitage and the quality of its produce



In 2018, Ermitage receives several awards for its cheeses :
- Silver Medal for our notre Munster au Cumin 125g
- Bronze Medal for our Tome du Lomont
- Bronze Medal for our Marcaire 200g

In 2016, the Fromagerie de l'Ermitage wins a Honor Awards for its 21st year of participation at International Agriculture Fair (February 27 to March 6, 2016).

Indeed, we make all necessary effort to let you discover or rediscover our cheeses on our stand hosted by our duo, Martine and Jean-Luc.


These are the most avanced professionals who award prizes every year during their inter-contest.


Ermitage is involved and regularly receives awards for its cheeses.

  • Union of PDO Munster (october 2017)
    - Silver Médal for our Munster 500g
    - Gold medal for our Munster au Cumin 125g 

  • Official Contest of Trépot Cheeses (october 2017)
     - Bronze Medal for our ermitage pasteurized milk raclette
     - Bronze Medal also for our Tome du Lomont

  • Union of PDO Mont d'Or (November 2015)
    - Gold medal

  • Official Contest of Trépot Cheeses (October 2015): 
     - Gold medal for our raclette Ermitage 3 peppers
     - Bronze Medal for our ermitage pasteurized milk raclette
     - Bronze Medal also for our Le Monagnon Raw Milk raclette



L'Ermitage meets the sanitary requirements and produces kosher cheeses, only example of some that demonstrate its quality control, traceability and hygiene.


It also obtained certifications IFS and BRC.

IFS – International Food Standard

Certification for suppliers to "private label", recognized by the members of the Federation of Commerce and Distribution (FCD) and by members of the Federation of German Distributors (BDH and HDE) and Italians (Federdistribuzione, ANCC and ANCD ). 

Bulgnéville: IFS version 6: upper level
Clerval: IFS version 6: Level Up 

Guyans Durnes: IFS version 6: upper level


BRC - British Retail Consortium

Certification for suppliers to "private label", working in the North European area.

Bulgnéville : BRC version 7
Clerval :        BRC version 7


Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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