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Product questions and comments


We take the greatest care in our products.

If you want to tell us about a quality observation or a question, thank you to send us the packaging bar code (8 or 13 digicode), the batch number and the date of minimum durability or best before date: technical elements giving us product traceability and allowing us to respond to our request with precision.


Did you know? Food sold in packaging should indicate a deadline for consumption.


Said perishable products, keep in coll (storage temperature is clearly indicated on the marking), generally have a best before date (DLC). This DLC is indicated on the packaging with the word « Use by … ». It’s the case for our raw milk cheese for example. It applies to products likely after date, to present hazards.

In contrast, some products have a minimum durability date indicated by the formula “Best before” (DDM, termwich replace DLUO – optimal use by date since the application of rules (EU) n°1169/2011 concerning consumers informations on foodstuffs at December 13th 2014. It’s the case for our pasterurized milk cheese like Brie or Camembert. Once the Best before date passed, the product does no represent a hazard to health but may have lost part or the totality of its qualities : taste, texture…


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Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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