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Local Cheeses

True to tradition, our cheeses preserve the authenticity and flavors of a region, a history and a strictly preserved tradition.

Fleur des Sources

Something sweet on your cheese platter


Softness and creaminess for good children


A fresh milk taste and a softness paste under a bloomy rind

Carré de l'Est

The authentic Carré produced in the region where it was first made

Lingot d'Or

An orange rectangular-shaped cheese

Tome du Lomont

A specialty with a crust rubbed with white wine and herbs for the taste buds.


Marcaire is the french word for the herdsman who takes the cows up to graze on the rolling slopes of the Vosges once the warmer months come along


It lapses into reddish when it’s matured!

Montagnon Raw Milk Emmental

Authenticity and tradition

Ermitage Emmental

Have you already tasted Emmental Ermitage?

Camembert and Specialities

A long experience in flowered crusted cheeses

Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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