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Camembert and Specialities

A long experience in flowered crusted cheeses

Ermitage has a long experience in flowered crusted cheeses ( for the white mould which envelops the crust) and developed a range of camemberts of which the Royal, liking for decades worldwide. 

Without animal rennet, it is ideal for vegetarians.


The Royal Cremeux is a soft and creamy cheese, fresh cream tasting, which won over fine feelings amateurs. 

It stands out in shelf displays with its satin red packaking.


Pasteurized milk cheese, it is regularly recognized for its quality and softness. 

Discover also the Camembert Royal in this glittering packaging.

Also available in its wooden box.

symboles partage (Fb, Tw, Pin, G+)

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True to tradition, our cheeses preserve the authenticity and flavors of a region, a history and a tradition strictly preserved.


Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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