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A smooth paste and an orange crust which crossed the centuries without losing its personality.

Munster or Munster Géromé, two names for a single cheese.
Munster was first made back in the 7th century, by local monks, to preserve the cheese and help feed the local population. A soft cheese with a washed rind, it has kept the same inimitable character over the centuries. Ermitage PDO Munster is made with milk from cows grazing on the slopes of the Vosges mountains and is matured from between 14 days to several weeks, according to its weight. Rubbed and washed throughout the maturation period, its rind will turn an attractive shade of orange and the cheese will become softer and creamy.

 Munster Ermitage

Ermitage is the leading producer of Munster and offers a full range, for both self-service and the cheese counter (portions from 125gm to 1.5 kg).
Munster Ermitage can be eaten hot or cold, as an appetiser, as part of the main meal or, of course, on a tray of cheeses.  Ermitage also produces the traditional Vosgian version with caraway. Ermitage Munster has won medals at every Concours Agricol agricultural show for the last fourty years. What quality guarantee !

Concours Agricole 2015 : 1 Golden Medal

Concours Interprofession du Munster 2014 : 1 Golden Medal  

Concours Agricole 2013 : 1 silver medal                                                       

Concours Interprofession du Munster : 1 bronze medal

Munster Rémy Rudler

Munster Fermier is matured in our natural cellars at Rochesson in the Upper Vosges. 

It is available in 200g format in self-service.


Concours Agricole 2013 : 1 silver medal  for Rémy Rudler 200g

Farmhouse Munsterwith unpasteurised milk is now sold under the brand Le Rochesson.

symboles partage (Fb, Tw, Pin, G+)

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Our medals

Concours Général Agricole 2019 : 1 Médaille d'Argent pour notre Munster au Cumin 125g

Concours  Interprofession du Munster 2018 : 1 Médaille d'Argent

Concours Général Agricole 2018 : 1 Médaille d'Argent pour notre Munster au Cumin 125g

Concours  Interprofession du Munster 2017 : 1 Médaille d'Or et 1 Médaille d'Argent

Concours Agricole 2015 : 1 médaille de Bronze

Concours Interprofession du Munster 2014 : 1 médaile d'Or et 1 médaille de Bronze

Concours Agricole 2013 : 1 médaille d'Argent     


Munster Rémy Rudler

Concours Agricole 2013 : 1 médaille d'Argent pour le Rémy Rudler 200g


 En 2019, l’AOP Munster fête ses 50 ans !

 Le Munster est reconnu Appellation d’origine contrôlée puis protégée depuis le 21 mai 1969. Un demi-siècle de savoir-faire qui permet de faire travailler 950 producteurs de lait, 90 producteurs fermiers, 9 transformateurs laitiers et 10 affineurs.



An Appellation d’Origine Contrôlée OR AOC is only applies when the product qualities result from a land and traditional producing conditions. The AOC cheeses have a European recognition and a new denomination : PDO or Protected Designation of Origin.


AOP is an official certification label of origin and quality. This logo is easily recognized thanks to its red and gold colors. It can only be granted by public authorities and to groups of producers gathered in a federative structure: Organisme de Défense et de Gestion (Defence and Management Organisation).

The Protected Designation of Origin has been historically created to fight against fraud (law of 1905). Then the label became Controlled Designation of Origin in 1935 and was open to  all agricultural and food products in 1990.

Since May, 1, 2009 the European logo PDO has been mandatory for European food products of which production, processing and development are made in a defined geographical area  according to  a recognised know-how and specifications. Only wines can remain under the label AOC -Controlled designation of origin (decree EU 01/01/2012)


Associations, work councils or cheese lovers, take advantage of direct selling to our chalet.

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