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Our producers

Ermitage producers are united in their approach: to be a key player in healthy food, accessible to all.

Let’s keep in mind the Cooperative’s raison d’être: to ensure our future by making the most of our cooperators’ milk and by offering authentic products, made according to our values and traditions.

Wheat field

GMO-free* feed for our cows

Today’s consumers are looking for healthy products, products “free from” preservatives and GMOs, but with the taste and authenticity that ensures the pleasure of eating remains. Ermitage understands this and is committed to a sustainable approach to feeding the cows as naturally as possible.

All of its producers supply milk from non-GMO fed cows(*<0.9%). Some producers produce their own cereals for a more local, more autonomous and more virtuous food supply, while contributing to the preservation of biodiversity.

To ensure that we respect our commitment to produce cheese from milk from non-GMO fed cows* (*<0.9%), Ermitage monitors the supply of feed to its producers (certified by Bureau Véritas). Ermitges has also strengthened its traceability policy and control plans to guarantee that the cheese is GMO-free throughout the manufacturing process.

Ermitage producers are united in their approach: to be a key player in healthy food, accessible to all

Our Quality Challenge

For almost 30 years, Ermitage has been promoting its cooperators’ farms, where they obtain quality milk, while adapting to a dynamic environment.

The farms that supply their milk to the Ermitage Cheese Producers and whose quality meets the Cooperative’s requirements are audited and graded on various criteria. These include their environment, the layout and cleanliness of the premises, and the feed. They are then given a score, which enables them to be placed on the scale of requirements and progress objectives.

Convinced that the quality of the milk depends on the breeding conditions and good farming practices, these producers also respect the charter of good practices and give their animals non-GMO feed.