Fromagerie Bulgneville

Our story

It all began in 1931 in the mountainous regions of Eastern France.

211 milk producers created the Ermitage Cooperative in Bulgnéville, in the Vosges, to ensure their independence and to produce quality cheeses.

Ermitage’s History

Ermitage Cooperative


Creation of the Cooperative

211 milk producers came together to create the Sandaucourt dairy and cheese Cooperative, to ensure their independence and to have a common production tool.

Construction of a new cheese factory


Construction of a new cheese factory

In order to offer the Cooperative members prospects for expansion, a new cheese factory was built and the first wheels of Ermitage Emmental and Munster were produced.

Creation of the Vittelloise Dairy Union


Creation of the Vittelloise Dairy Union

The Sandaucourt dairy and cheese cooperative became Vittelloise Dairy Union to reflect its expanding area of influence.

Ermitage logo


Creation of the Ermitage brand

The Cooperative became Ermitage Cheese Producers, an identifiable and unifying brand.



Introduction of milk quotas

Milk quotas have changed the Cooperative’s growth pattern, as this was based on the development of the cooperators’ milk production. It has made external growth compulsory.


Expansion of our cheese offering

Ermitage Cheese Producers completes its cheese offering through the acquistion of cheese dairies in Franche-Comté until 2004.

Ermitage logo


Creation of the Ermitage Group

In order to provide all the economic and commercial coherence necessary for the harmonious development of its various activities, Ermitage officially became a group in 1997.



Creation of Lactovosges

Creation of a drying workshop for the whey produced at the various production sites.


Ermitage celebrates its 90th anniversary

Ermitage – over 90 years of family spirit and a collective passion for taste!

What happens now?



9 production and refining sites

in the Grand-Est and Bourgogne Franche-Comté regions