Carré Roussot

Its orange colour suggests its smoothness and its sweet and typical flavour becomes more pronounced during its maturation under paper.

The name Le Roussot is derived from the vocabulary of the cheesemaker; when the maturing process has reached its optimum stage, the cheese then takes on its pretty red colour. It is a prelude to unforgettable gourmet moments!

Le Roussot can be eaten in a variety of ways: on its own with jacket potatoes, in everyday recipes, on a slice of bread and, of course, it has a special place on a cheese board at the end of a meal.

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100% FRENCH MILK - 100% FRENCH MILK - Lait 100% Français

Nutritional information

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Milk, salt, ferments (including milk), microbial coagulant, colouring (rind): annatto norbixin

Suitable for vegetarians

Nutrition Information

Per 100g:

Energy: 1544 kJ / 373 kcal

Fat: 33g of which saturates: 23g

Carbohydrates: 1.0g of which sugars: 1.0g

Protein: 18g

Salt: 1.2g