Brie panna cotta

Brie panna cotta

10 min
10 min
4 people

Ermitage cheese used : Brie

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  • minibri Ermitage 100g of Minibri Ermitage
  • cream 20cl of liquid cream
  • fresh thyme A little bit of fresh thyme
  • gazpacho 10cl of gazpacho
  • gelatin 2 gelatin sheets
  • salt Salt
  • pepper Pepper


  1. Remove the rind from the Brie and cut into pieces.
  2. Melt the rind into the liquid cream. Add a little salt and pepper.
  3. Soften the gelatine in cold water, then add it to the cream and mix well.
  4. Pour into verrines, stopping 1cm from the rim, and chill in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  5. When ready to serve, pour the gazpacho into each glass and decorate with a few thyme leaves.