Munster and apple French toast

Munster and apple French toast

20 min
10 min
4 people

Ermitage cheese used : Munster

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  • 125g of Munster Ermitage
  • bread 8 slices of soft bread
  • egg 1 egg
  • milk 5cl of milk
  • salt Salt


  1. Remove the crust from the slices of bread and flatten them with a rolling pin.
  2. Cut the apple into sticks.
  3. Place apple sticks along the edge of the slices of bread and add pieces of Munster cheese.
  4. Roll up the slices.
  5. Beat the egg and milk together in a bowl. Salt and dip the rolls one by one.
  6. Heat a pan with butter and fry the rolls until golden brown.
  7. Place the rolls onto paper towels to drain the excess fat and serve immediately.

Gourmet tip

Serve these rolls as a canape or as a starter with a green salad.